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The gastronomy of Carboneras, on the coast of Almería, is a true delight for those who love the flavors of the sea.

One of the most iconic culinary treasures of this region is the red prawn of Carboneras. This exquisite seafood, caught in the waters of the Mediterranean, is known for its intense flavor and tender, juicy meat.

The red prawn of Carboneras is prepared in a variety of ways, from the simplicity of the grill with a touch of salt to more elaborate dishes such as "red prawn with salt" or "red prawn with seafood sauce", where it is mixed with flavorful local ingredients such as garlic, olive oil, white wine, and aromatic herbs.


This delicacy is the star of the local cuisine and is served fresh in the restaurants of Carboneras, along with other seafood delights, such as fresh fish, squid, and rice dishes. The combination of fresh ingredients and the talent of local chefs make Carboneras an essential culinary destination for those who want to enjoy authentic Mediterranean flavors.

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