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Tips to help you make the most of your real estate transactions.


  1. Work only with PROFESSIONALS: Only a professional with a good reputation and many years of experience in the real estate market can guarantee a high quality of services, as well as the qualification of its staff, legal transparency and security in all business processes.

  2. The right choice of properties Every day, sales agents from Inmobiliaria Sánchez search and discover new property offers in Carboneras, Almería and Province. Always willing to answer any questions about the property. Ask everything you need. If you work with professionals, you will never be left without an answer.

  3. Sign the property reservation contract Our company signs the contract, which indicates all the parameters of the property or business investment description, which guarantees that we will show you the properties that may be of real interest to you. We appreciate your time and prefer to use it efficiently.

  4. Mortgage application and procedure The choice of bank is very important and must be foreseen, so as not to waste time while they evaluate the chosen property. At present, banks work and grant loans only to customers who come from large and well-known companies with a good reputation. It is more appreciated than ever in times of crisis that the conditions of mortgage loans are more difficult.

  5. After-sales service and property management For your peace of mind and confidence, our after-sales service is responsible for the administration of your property after your purchase, as well as for the resolution of problems related to it. We will help you to resolve any eventuality, as well as to contract the supplies (water, electricity), administration of your property in your absence, help you in the purchase of furniture and appliances, etc.

We provide services at the highest professional level. We invest in personal development, improvement of technical services and our infrastructure.

Venta, alquiler, comprar empresas, Inmobiliaria Carboneras, Información Turismo, Inmobiliaria Sánchez
Venta, alquiler, comprar empresas, Inmobiliaria Carboneras, Informacion Turismo, Inmobiliaria Sánchez


Many customers who come to Carboneras do not want to buy a property, do not want to live in hotels, and depending on their habits, they ask us to find a small and cozy apartment near the beach, or a luxurious villa on the seafront.

We offer them the properties we have in our portfolio. Rentals can be for the high season in summer or also for the whole year for work or medical reasons.

From Inmobiliaria Sánchez we recommend some minimum requirements to put a property up for rent, especially oriented to tourist or temporary rental.

Living room

  • Must be minimally furnished: sofa, TV, digital terrestrial television and air conditioning (we recommend it).


  • Also furnished and equipped; minimum 10 glasses, 1 complete set of plates, 1 set of cutlery (6 pieces of each), salad bowl, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, blender, cooking utensils, large pot, 3 pans, 1 tablecloth, 6 kitchen towels and trash can.

Laundry room or terrace

  • Must have at least a washing machine and clothesline (if there is no drying area on the solarium), clothespins and clothes basket, ironing board and iron. Mop, mop bucket, broom and dustpan.


  • Equipped with two sets of towels per person, bathroom mirror and shower curtain or bathroom screen.


  • Make sure they are furnished. And that they have two sets of sheets per bed, bedside lamp (recommended and optional), wardrobe and air conditioning (recommended and optional)

  • Air conditioning

  • With cold/heat pump.

First-aid kit

  • Leave a first-aid kit and important phone numbers in a visible place.


  • We suggest drafting a complete inventory of everything that is in your home.

Registration as a Tourist Accommodation

  • If the property is for the high season or short stays, it is always necessary to be registered as a Tourist Accommodation with the Junta de Andalucía.

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