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What are the steps involved if you decide to Buy or Sell with us?



You will contact our office directly. We will answer all your questions, providing you with more detailed information about the properties of interest to you, and we will advise you on the Purchase/Rent process. Our Advisor will proceed to show the properties we have within the parameters established by you. After choosing a property, the Reservation will be paid and a private Purchase/Rental Reservation contract will be signed with the owner of the property.


The price, payment terms, and other terms of the transaction will be specified. Our deeds department will again check the current status of the property. It will check for any debts or charges that must be cleared before signing the public deed at the corresponding property registry. During the period until the signing of the deed, our specialist will prepare all the necessary documents, including the mortgage in case of purchase with a loan.



Once everything is ready, the public signing of the purchase agreement will take place at a notary's office, with the delivery of keys and all property documents. After signing at the notary's office, we will ensure that the registration of the deed is processed at the property registry. If the client wishes, they can sign a post-sale service contract with us, so that our company can take care of everything after the purchase.


Today, we look back with gratitude for all the shared moments, successes, and challenges overcome. Our story is a testament to our dedication to this community and to helping people find their place in Carboneras.

Over the years, we have forged relationships, built dreams, and left a positive mark on the coast of Almería. We remain committed to our original purpose: to help people find their homes in this Mediterranean gem, Carboneras.

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