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We are always at your service.

After-sales service is a very important component in a real estate agency. We believe that it is very reassuring for homebuyers to know that they can always count on our unique after-sales service. They can contact us or visit our office and will be personally attended by our agents or director.

This service has been created to help you avoid any setbacks.

Once your purchase is complete, you may need help taking care of your home while you are away. By becoming a member of our after-sales service, you are entitled to a range of benefits that start in the first few days after your purchase.

Although many of the services and advice we offer are free, some of them are paid. We are convinced that you will find them very cost-effective.


One of the most complicated parts of buying a property in Almería is to furnish it from a distance.

We have a team of qualified professionals to coordinate every aspect of turning an empty property into a fully functioning home. The presence of electricians, plumbers, upholsterers, locksmiths, specialized cleaning companies, decorators, deliverymen, general maintenance personnel, etc. may be required.

In most cases, our clients find it impossible to coordinate the installation process, which can sometimes take several weeks. We are able to propose complete furniture packages that include all the items a home needs, from furniture, appliances, utensils, or decoration.



• Registration of contracts for electricity, water, Cadastre, Garbage.

• Formalization of home insurance.

• Assistance in important purchases: furniture, vehicles, boats.

• Design of construction or renovation projects for apartments and houses. All types of repair and decoration work. Lawns and parks, terrace gardens and balconies. Interior design (furniture, lamps, curtains and other decorative objects).

• Delivery of turnkey homes, taking care of the furniture, appliances, AACC, textiles and household items of the entire home.

• Sworn Document Translation Service.

• Enrollment in educational centers.


To request these and other services you can contact the office or at

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